Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Satya 1998

Role Of Aditya Shrivastav (Inspector Khandilkar)

Satya is the main role of the film. he came to mumbai for job. but he gets involved in a conflict with jagga in local dance bar. jagga sent him in jail with the help of guru Narayan, where he become the friend of Bhiku Mathre (underworlds don). they came out of jail. and satya kill jagga with the help of mathre. he joins mathre's gang and become a key decision maker in the gang. meanwhile he fall in love with vidya. after the elections. satya decides to leave the place with vidya. but they some time in which they decide to catch a film. INSPECTOR KHANDILKAR (ADITYA SHIRIVASTAV) get know that he is inside the cinema. he placed order to shut the door and attack on him. but however he escaped. vidya get to know the real face of satya. satya comes to home and she refuse to open the door. same time INSPECTOR KHANDILKAR catches him and shoot him. he dies in the feet of divya.

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