Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mudda (2003)

Role Of Aditya Shirivastav (Harpool singh)

The Acharaya ( master ji ) transfer to a village and tries to solve the problems of the village in which he gets involve in the conflicts of political rivals. he came to the village for the sake of peace but he found that every where is the war of power. Its a movie on village's political parties. Balli Tai and Harpool singh the two rivals. balli tai wins the election on base of power. Harpool singh is man of rules. he doesn't play any trick to get the seat but he struggle a lot . he tries to buy a tender and pay 10 lakhs but balli tai turns the situation. Partab (son of Harpool) and Rajbir (Balli's trouble makking son) fall in love with the same girl sundari.. sundri's love totally change the Rajbir, he become a good human. sundari loves partab. rajbir starts drinking, balli tai for the sake of her son goes to harpool sing. harpool sing makes a deal with her that he wants the name on college and want the seat of MNA. balli agrees. In this meeting harpool also asked that y she had chosen mad dino instead of him. balli doesn't reply. Partab scarifies his love for his dad's struggle. when rajbir get to know that her mom has make a deal for sundari. he get upset and take the partab to her house to give back her back her love. but sundari doesn't open the door. sundari realize that rajbir really loves her and he is better. sundari and rajbir marry each other. and harpool sing get all that power at the scarifies of his son's love.

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