Thursday, 13 September 2012

Kisi nay khoob kaha hay nashay men kho kar
Nasha sharab men hota to nachti botle
Mera dawa hay ye teri ankh say pee kar
Jo pee lay teri ankh say to nachay gi botel

friends, i will post many more about his movies and dramas; but after my exams... remember me and aditiya sirivastava in ur prayers.. thnx

Friday, 13 July 2012

MohanDas (2009)

Role of Aditya Shirivastav (Advocate Harshvrdan Singh)

Its is the movie about a person Mohandas, who's identity has been stolen by a Vishvnath. He join at the post of Dept. Directer in Cole Mining Department. Anil recorded his story for his newspaper and send it to meghna. megna came to Mohandas's town and recorded his whole story. Harshvardan decided to fight his case. he tries his better to arrests the criminal and he succeeded. after six month new judge who came from dehli release the fake mohandas.and kill Harshvardan as he was again appealing for real Mohandas. But story ends here.  because it is not easy to fight with corrupt peoples. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Paanch (Unrealesd)

This film is not released due to show of excessive use of drugs, double meaning dialogues (with sexual undertones) no positive character, it doesn't carry any social message. But according to me this movie somehow carry a social message that evil leads to hell. but whatever film is either released or not Murgi gives his best.

Role Of Aditya Shirivastav (Murgi)

This movie is about 5 friends, Luke, murgi, Joy, Ponsy and Nikhil and a girl Shiuli. They ran a musical band and perform in a club. and take have dose of drugs. LUKE: is an aggressive but intelligent guy. He rules his friends by beating and shouting on them. and his friends have to do what he says, His friends wants to get ride of him. MURGI: is also a talented guy. he knows how to handle the situation. JOY: is one of the closest friend of luke but luke also insulted him a lot. NIKHIL, is the son of rich person who didn't give a single penny to him. PONDY is one of the miserable and short tempered fellow, all friends tease him and luke beats him alot. he likes Shiuli. SHIULI: She is also an intelligent girl but she is a prostitute.
Nikhil's Friend offer them an opportunity to record their album for which they have to submit 5 lakh. but they don't have money. they made a plan to kidnap nikhil and take money from his dad. Murgi writes a letter to his dad. luke calls him to let him know about letter and ask for money. Luke abuses his dad and they both fight with each other. luke beats him alot due to which nikhil dies. everyone was watching including shiuli. but no one has guts to stop him. Pondy suggest murgi to leave him but luke blakmale them and ordered shuili to saty with them. They came to their house. Next morning shiuli seduce luke and they have fun with each other.  Murgi wakes up early in the morning and watch the scene of luke n shiuli but remain quite. They decided to steal money from nikhil's house. They goes to nikhil's house but his dad came back and luke kill him also. police rate on their house to arrest them but pondy kills the police man and luke kill the inspector. they cut them into Pisces and threw them for birds and left the home. they goes to a hotel and book a room of  4 beds. joy ask about the 5th bed. luke insulted him by saying that u will sleep in bathroom. joy get upset and a;; friends make a plan to kill luke. they sink him in pool and goes to police. police and tell them the whole story. police release murgi and shiuli as they were no included in murders. They came back to Mumbai where luke was waiting for them it was the shiuli's plan and murgi had blackmail them as he has watched them in that morning. They drink to celebrate the victory and divided money in three equal parts. shiuli calls luke inside. and says. it was my plan and u had worked on it then why we are giving money to murgi. they decided to kill him. luke came to murgi and force him to go outide. they go for walk. after some walk murgi put a knife  on luke's neck. luke shout on him. but he attacks on him. and tell him that he has listen the plan. and fire him. shiuli calls the police and tell them that murgi is going to kill luke. police came at the spot and kill the murge. and shiuli escapes with the whole money.
Lakshya (2004)

Role Of Aditya Shirivastav (Lt. Col. Pardeep)

Aditya shirivastav had played the role of adjutant Pardeep to Amitabh bacchan's character of company comander.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mudda (2003)

Role Of Aditya Shirivastav (Harpool singh)

The Acharaya ( master ji ) transfer to a village and tries to solve the problems of the village in which he gets involve in the conflicts of political rivals. he came to the village for the sake of peace but he found that every where is the war of power. Its a movie on village's political parties. Balli Tai and Harpool singh the two rivals. balli tai wins the election on base of power. Harpool singh is man of rules. he doesn't play any trick to get the seat but he struggle a lot . he tries to buy a tender and pay 10 lakhs but balli tai turns the situation. Partab (son of Harpool) and Rajbir (Balli's trouble makking son) fall in love with the same girl sundari.. sundri's love totally change the Rajbir, he become a good human. sundari loves partab. rajbir starts drinking, balli tai for the sake of her son goes to harpool sing. harpool sing makes a deal with her that he wants the name on college and want the seat of MNA. balli agrees. In this meeting harpool also asked that y she had chosen mad dino instead of him. balli doesn't reply. Partab scarifies his love for his dad's struggle. when rajbir get to know that her mom has make a deal for sundari. he get upset and take the partab to her house to give back her back her love. but sundari doesn't open the door. sundari realize that rajbir really loves her and he is better. sundari and rajbir marry each other. and harpool sing get all that power at the scarifies of his son's love.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ek Haseena thi (2004)

Role Of Aditiya Shirivastav (Kamlesh Mathur (Advocate))

In this film Aditya has played the role of advocate, Saif ali khan (karan) cheats Sarika (urmila). karan has the contacts with underworld. he sent a man with a bag in sarika's house. he leaves the bag in her house and go outside where he was killed by police. sarika watch this news on tv and call the karan. karan tell her that threw this bag. but as she was leaving home police arrested her. karan sent an advocate Kamlesh Mathur to fight her case. kamlesh advise her to confess the crime that judge will give her a light sentense. she did  it but judge sentences her to 7 years with hard labor work. then sarika realize that karan is associated with underworld and so does kamlesh. sarika changes both inside and outside. with the help or pramila she escapes. and kill the Kamlesh Mathur

Black Friday (2004)

Role of Aditya Shirivastav (Badshah Khan)

Aditya shirivastav had played the role of Muslim in this film as badshah khan. Tiger memon prepared a group of people, to blast in bombay, at the name of jihad. Tiger memon trigger the muslim's emotions by telling the shaheed of babri masjid , and other violence in muslims life by hindus. Tiger memon actually taking the revenge of his burnt office. Tiger memon was the underworld's don. Badshah khan and other muslims adjure that the will not tell anybody. after the blasts police arrested the persons who was involved in it. first time badsha khan said to rakesh maria police officer that its jihad. ALLAH is with us. rakesh maria says. no ALLAH is with us. if ALLAH is with u then why you are here. This statement of maria touches the badshah khan's heart. badshah khan read the QURAN PAK and realize that maria was right. badshah khan decided to become a police witness and told him the whole plan.