Saturday, 7 July 2012

Black Friday (2004)

Role of Aditya Shirivastav (Badshah Khan)

Aditya shirivastav had played the role of Muslim in this film as badshah khan. Tiger memon prepared a group of people, to blast in bombay, at the name of jihad. Tiger memon trigger the muslim's emotions by telling the shaheed of babri masjid , and other violence in muslims life by hindus. Tiger memon actually taking the revenge of his burnt office. Tiger memon was the underworld's don. Badshah khan and other muslims adjure that the will not tell anybody. after the blasts police arrested the persons who was involved in it. first time badsha khan said to rakesh maria police officer that its jihad. ALLAH is with us. rakesh maria says. no ALLAH is with us. if ALLAH is with u then why you are here. This statement of maria touches the badshah khan's heart. badshah khan read the QURAN PAK and realize that maria was right. badshah khan decided to become a police witness and told him the whole plan.

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