Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Paanch (Unrealesd)

This film is not released due to show of excessive use of drugs, double meaning dialogues (with sexual undertones) no positive character, it doesn't carry any social message. But according to me this movie somehow carry a social message that evil leads to hell. but whatever film is either released or not Murgi gives his best.

Role Of Aditya Shirivastav (Murgi)

This movie is about 5 friends, Luke, murgi, Joy, Ponsy and Nikhil and a girl Shiuli. They ran a musical band and perform in a club. and take have dose of drugs. LUKE: is an aggressive but intelligent guy. He rules his friends by beating and shouting on them. and his friends have to do what he says, His friends wants to get ride of him. MURGI: is also a talented guy. he knows how to handle the situation. JOY: is one of the closest friend of luke but luke also insulted him a lot. NIKHIL, is the son of rich person who didn't give a single penny to him. PONDY is one of the miserable and short tempered fellow, all friends tease him and luke beats him alot. he likes Shiuli. SHIULI: She is also an intelligent girl but she is a prostitute.
Nikhil's Friend offer them an opportunity to record their album for which they have to submit 5 lakh. but they don't have money. they made a plan to kidnap nikhil and take money from his dad. Murgi writes a letter to his dad. luke calls him to let him know about letter and ask for money. Luke abuses his dad and they both fight with each other. luke beats him alot due to which nikhil dies. everyone was watching including shiuli. but no one has guts to stop him. Pondy suggest murgi to leave him but luke blakmale them and ordered shuili to saty with them. They came to their house. Next morning shiuli seduce luke and they have fun with each other.  Murgi wakes up early in the morning and watch the scene of luke n shiuli but remain quite. They decided to steal money from nikhil's house. They goes to nikhil's house but his dad came back and luke kill him also. police rate on their house to arrest them but pondy kills the police man and luke kill the inspector. they cut them into Pisces and threw them for birds and left the home. they goes to a hotel and book a room of  4 beds. joy ask about the 5th bed. luke insulted him by saying that u will sleep in bathroom. joy get upset and a;; friends make a plan to kill luke. they sink him in pool and goes to police. police and tell them the whole story. police release murgi and shiuli as they were no included in murders. They came back to Mumbai where luke was waiting for them it was the shiuli's plan and murgi had blackmail them as he has watched them in that morning. They drink to celebrate the victory and divided money in three equal parts. shiuli calls luke inside. and says. it was my plan and u had worked on it then why we are giving money to murgi. they decided to kill him. luke came to murgi and force him to go outide. they go for walk. after some walk murgi put a knife  on luke's neck. luke shout on him. but he attacks on him. and tell him that he has listen the plan. and fire him. shiuli calls the police and tell them that murgi is going to kill luke. police came at the spot and kill the murge. and shiuli escapes with the whole money.

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