Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ek Haseena thi (2004)

Role Of Aditiya Shirivastav (Kamlesh Mathur (Advocate))

In this film Aditya has played the role of advocate, Saif ali khan (karan) cheats Sarika (urmila). karan has the contacts with underworld. he sent a man with a bag in sarika's house. he leaves the bag in her house and go outside where he was killed by police. sarika watch this news on tv and call the karan. karan tell her that threw this bag. but as she was leaving home police arrested her. karan sent an advocate Kamlesh Mathur to fight her case. kamlesh advise her to confess the crime that judge will give her a light sentense. she did  it but judge sentences her to 7 years with hard labor work. then sarika realize that karan is associated with underworld and so does kamlesh. sarika changes both inside and outside. with the help or pramila she escapes. and kill the Kamlesh Mathur

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